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How To Pack Clothes For Moving

How To Pack Clothes For Moving

Moving to a new house is usually exciting. There’s usually that joyous feeling of starting life all over again in a better house than the previous one. However, this doesn’t mean that changing homes is an entirely smooth adventure. Usually, there is some packing involved and organizing how to get clothes and other items to the other house. At Macksmovers, we are fully equipped with the necessary know-how of how to move clothes from one house to the other. We have a team of experienced employees who are experts in ensuring that your moving experience will be seamless. We are always ready to help you and our services are very pocket-friendly. We offer both local as well as long distance moving service.

We are committed to seeing that you have a stress free house moving experience. The following are the tips that we recommend on how to move clothes when changing houses:

Avoid Procrastination While Packing

Packing is the initial step when transporting clothes from one house to the other. We believe that knowing how to pack clothes for moving is a significant way of ensuring that you don’t forget anything behind. At times, people tend to procrastinate on when to start packing. Some people take ages to start this process and time catches up with them without having done a thing. This is avoidable if proper planning is done. Packing clothes for moving should be done immediately after you decide to move. We recommend that you spend at least four weeks to put all your clothes in moving boxes. The aim is to avoid rushing at the last minute as it encourages forgetting some of the clothes behind.

Without knowing how to pack clothes for moving, you are also highly likely to consume so much space. This is primarily brought about by hasty packing. Therefore, be always careful to begin packing clothes for moving early enough as it will save you a lot of stress when the day comes.

Sort clothes first

We know that you would like to begin an entirely new life in your next home. This means that you probably don’t want to have the old fashioned clothes in your wardrobe anymore. Therefore, we encourage you to sort your clothes before beginning the actual packing. This will ensure that you eliminate all the old clothes that you don’t use anymore. Additionally, sorting ensures that you use fewer moving boxes than when you pack all the clothes. This will save you some cash as having many clothes translates to having to pay more. Don’t waste the opportunity to discard the old clothes. This is the best time to do so.

There exist numerous packaging options

When packing clothes for moving, there is an inexhaustible list of packaging materials that you can use. The following are some of the options that we consider necessary during this process:

• Cardboard boxes. This is the most commonly used container when moving clothes. The boxes are made with cardboard on the outside. The inner surface of the box has a soft lining that ensures clothes are protected from creasing when in transit. We recommend that you research adequately on how to pack clothes in boxes for moving. This will ensure that you can maximize on the available space and carry as many clothes as possible.

• Wardrobe boxes. These are more expensive than the conventional cardboard boxes. They are usually tall and have a metal bar on the top where clothes are hanged on. Usually, wardrobe boxes are used to transport expensive designer clothes that require extra care while moving. Again, when using wardrobe boxes, you need to know how to pack clothes in boxes for moving. This is because lack of the necessary knowledge can lead to deformation of your expensive designer buys.

• Trash bags. Although not much used, some people prefer to use polythene packages to move clothes. In most cases, they are used when one is in a hurry to move.

• Suitcases. This is also a good option that we recommend to people who intend to move for short distances.

Save as Much as Possible

Changing houses is expensive. You can, however, cut down the costs by avoiding unnecessary buys. For instance, moving boxes are items that are used sparingly. They are necessary only when moving from one house to the other. Therefore, instead of buying a moving box, we recommend that you consider hiring them. This is much cheaper than purchasing. Also, if you feel that it is necessary to have your own, you can opt to buy secondhand ones. They will be less expensive and still serve the same purpose as new ones. We encourage you to make moving a less painful ordeal by avoiding spending where it is unnecessary.

Pack as Many as You Can

Unlike plates and cups, clothes are not fragile items. Therefore, don’t be overcautious when packing them. The only problem that will probably happen is creasing. This can, however, be rectified by ironing when you move to the new house. In this order, we, therefore, ask you to pack as many as you can in the moving boxes. There is also no risk of destruction even if the box fell during carrying. You are, thus, free to carry as many as you can and minimize time as well as expenditure incurred during moving.

Contact Macksmovers anytime you intend to change houses, and we’ll always be there to help you. We are dedicated to seeing you settled in your new home while stress-free. We will take care of all your moving needs, and you will be happy in the end. Our past clients can attest that we are entirely dedicated to the exercise, and we perform our work with the utmost professionalism.

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